Sea Gypsy

Our Resort on Pulau Sibu

  • Sea Gypsy Village is set in a 5 acre clearing of jungle situated on the north eastern section of Sibu.
  • Consequently we have ring side seats for the breath taking moonrises and our back drop is that old volcano, Pulau Tinggi.
  • The beach is approximately 350 meters long and has soft golden sand which continues out into the sea making swimming both safe and comfortable.
  • We cleared the jungle but kept the trees and frequently plant more. Our large shady garden makes a great playground, bocce pitch, volley ball court, Frisbee golf course, etc.
  • Our resort is afforded the luxury of drinking water straight from the taps by way of our wonderful well, found by a water deviner in the 1980's, which we look after lovingly. Our water is, in every sense of the word, mineral water and tastes delicious.

Our Location

  • Pulau Sibu Besar, Johor, Malaysia.
    (meaning Dead Chicken Big Island, it's next to Dead Chicken Small Island!)
  • Pulau Sibu forms part of the Seribuat chain of islands lying 12 kilometers off the east coast of the West Peninsular. The name Pulau Sibu usually refers to the main island in this cluster, which is Pulau Sibu Besar (Big Sibu Island). Other islands in this cluster include Pulau Sibu Tengah (Middle Sibu Island), Pulau Sibu Hujung (End Sibu Island) and Pulau Kukus.
  • The boat pick up point is at Tanjung Leman jetty, 120 km north of Johor Bahru on the Mersing road.

Our Island:

  • Pulau Sibu is shaped like a triangular hour glass, about 6 km long and never more than one km wide it's whole length.
  • The north eastern section of the island has golden brown beaches that slope away gradually, offering ideal swimming conditions. The views from these beaches are of Pulau Tinggi and a string of smaller islands to the south. On a clear day Tioman Island can be seen to the north. The "moonrise" at full moon is so spectacular it is a sight not to be missed.
  • The south western coast is sheltered from almost all winds and the sea here is frequently so calm it resembles a lake, allowing mangrove trees to grow along the shore
  • The south east coast of Sibu rears up as a series of steep, abrupt cliffs with a rocky shoreline at their base and provides shelter to the village behind. The rocks here, and where exposed at other points on the island, are colourful and contorted. This is due to their composition of layers of volcanic ash run through with later lavas combining to produce lacework patterns. Low down on headlands near the sea, rock pools are frequent and contain miniature worlds populated by colourful fish, crabs and corals. By Tanjung Keramat the cliffs contain caves and arches.
  • There is a village, Kampong Duku, with about 150 inhabitants towards the southern tip of Sibu which has a police post, mosque, school, clinic and drinks stall. The entire village is solar powered.

Our Ocean

  • The sea's temperature is an average of 28 degrees centigrade.
  • There is good snorkeling to be found offshore Sibu, notably the north east corner of the island, Tg Semanggar, where there is a good variety of coral and fish, which just happens to be our house reef
  • The scuba diving in this area is generally shallow, between 6m and 18m, allowing longer 'bottom time'.
  • There are many scuba diving sites within a 30 minute boat journey from Sibu offering a variety of both soft and hard corals.
  • The sea life is prolific and varied, from Nurse Sharks to Moray Eels, Bat Fish to Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Box Fish to Nudibranches and much, much more. Less usual sights such as Sea Horses, Leopard Sharks, Schooling Baracuda and Black Tip Reef Sharks can also be seen.

Our Weather

  • The weather remains fairly constant throughout the year, with an average temperature around 29 degrees centigrade.
  • The air gets cooler in the evenings and the nights are pleasant, you many need your jammies! (That's pyjamas to grown ups! )
The weather on Pulau Sibu is very different from Johor Bahru and Singapore although it's only a couple of hours north as the crow flies. I live in Johor Bahru overlooking the straights of Johor from Monday to Friday. I sit on the 13th floor and watch the weather over Singapore and JB. I love watching the storm clouds gathering and the rain storms as they make their way around the island and across to the mainland. It never ceases to amaze me how different the climate is here and on the island. So what's the weather like? Generally speaking blue skies and sunshine all the way, flat seas and a nice breeze. Perfect!! By the way if you do a search for weather in Johor the web site that almost always comes up takes it's reading from downtown JB so it constantly tells you rain with a chance of storms. Ignore it!
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