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Tropical Beach Restaurant

  • Our daily rate includes breakfast, lunch & dinner, we do not offer half board or bed and breakfast.
  • The cuisine varies between Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Western style.
  • Our buffet breakfast varies daily when it comes to sausage, corn beef hash, meatballs, beans, fried toms, French toast or types of egg but always consists of a choice of cereal, fresh fruit, Roti Canai, waffle pancakes, home made muffins, a variety of breads with butter, jam, marmalade, peanut butter or Marmite, juice and free pour tea & coffee.
  • Our buffet lunch is a choice western dishes such as fish & home made English chips with salad or local spicy food, in this case nazi dagang, followed by home made local deserts.
  • Dinner is an Asian dish served with traditional accompaniments, followed by fresh fruit. We always serve Bar-B-Q on a Saturday night and include favourites such as satay with home made peanut sauce, baked fish and sliced Australian leg of lamb.
  • We offer an all day a la carte menu that includes great snacks for people with the munchies! A la carte Afternoon Tea is served daily from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. with fresh baked goods (and I can honestly say our Brownies are probably some of the best you'll ever taste and completely addictive!)
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  • Children's evening meals are served at 6p.m. with tried & true favourites such as spag bog, burgers & fries, etc. All kid’s meals are balanced and accompanied by veggies or salad. Dessert is fresh fruit. Parents that prefer to have their children join them for dinner at 8 p.m. must simply inform us at lunchtime, this meal tends to be spicier and utilises ingredients more suited to the adult palette, just check the table d'hôte to see what's being served.
  • We offer three baby & toddler menus for parents to choose from any time of day. Baby & toddler meals are all prepared from scratch using fresh produce. We stock low & full fat cows milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk, but all UHT. You are welcome to bring some fresh milk and store it in the fridge. We are happy to wash and sterilize bottles for you. Bring a thermos to take hot water to your room for making early morning bottles. High chairs & booster seats are available.
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  • We cater for vegetarians, special diets or allergies, all guests are asked about diet when booking. We have a vegetarian menu for guests to pre order their next meal. This may be incorporated with any items they may like from the table d'hôte. A gluten free diet for those with Celiac disease is very easy at Sea Gypsy because all meals are cooked from scratch using fresh produce. We stock gluten free pasta, home baked gluten free cakes and rice or almond milk.
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