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Get Free Nights with us

Please note: This offer is ONLY for residents of Singapore and Malaysia. Membership is by way of a reward to all our regulars for their continuing support - so cheers & see you at Sea Gypsy!

On your next visit to Sea Gypsy you will be issued a Membership Card* and given a chop for each Friday and Saturday night you pay for.

  • Once you have collected 3 chops you are entitled to 1 night absolutely FREE of charge!!!
  • You can claim these free nights any Sunday through Thursday nights whether you come alone, with friends or part of a family.
  • Free nights may not be claimed for weekends, Public Holidays or any other nights that Sea Gypsy attach to a Public Holiday.
  • Free nights are valid any time until you claim them, they do not expire.
  • Free nights are non transferable, even to other family members.

Note: no chops are given over public holiday weekends.

*Pre 2011 Members will have their cards re-issued as we changed the terms & conditions of our membership in 2011. Any unused chops will be transferred to your new card. Free nights are still valid but may only be claimed Sunday through Thursday nigthts.

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