Sea Gypsy

How long does it take to get to Tanjong Leman?

- By car from Singapore 3 hours

- From Johor Bahru 2 hours

- By car from Kuala Lumpur 5 hours

- By bus and taxi from Singapore 4 hours

Is it safe to leave my car?

Yes. We've been leaving cars at Tanjong Leman for 25 years and to date we've never had any problems. (Apart from guests forgetting to turn their lights off and finding a flat battery on return. You have been reminded, switch off!) There is a RM8 per day parking fee.

Is there a boat schedule from Tanjong Leman and how long is the boat ride?

Our check in boat is daily at 2p.m.

On Thursdays it’s 2p.m. & 7.30p.m.

On Fridays it’s 2p.m., 6p.m., 7.30p.m. & 9p.m.

On Saturdays it’s 9a.m. & 2p.m.

Note: Your boat time must be booked when making a reservation as they do not operate if we have no guests arriving or departing.

Our departure boat from Sea Gypsy is daily at 1.30 p.m.

On Sundays it’s at 1.30p.m., 3p.m. or 4.30 p.m.

Early check in boats may be scheduled upon request and subject to availability. There is a surcharge of RM150.

The boat journey takes about 20 minutes.

Do you provide life vests?

Yes. Life vests, in 7 different sizes from baby to extra, extra large, are provided and must be worn by law.

Do I pay the boat driver?

No, the boat charge is put on your Sea Gypsy bill.

Do your road transport services from Singapore and Johor Bahru only run at weekends?

NO. Our vehicles depart Grange Car Park, off Orchard Rd:

  • - Sunday through Friday 11 a.m. for a 2 p.m. boat to Sea Gypsy.
  • - Saturday 10.30 a.m. for a 2 p.m. boat to Sea Gypsy.
  • - PLUS on Friday at 6 p.m. bus for the 9 p.m. boat to Sea Gypsy.

Arrives back in Singapore:

  • - Sunday, depart Sea Gypsy on 3 p.m. boat, arrives Grange Car Park about 7 p.m.
  • - Monday through Saturday, depart Sea Gypsy on 1.30 p.m. boat, arrive Grange Car Park about 5 p.m.

Do I pay the vehicle driver?

No, the vehicle cost is put on your Sea Gypsy bill.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

We send you a Confirmation Sheet detailing your booking and the exact charges. You fill it in with your credit card details and return it to us along with a detailed information sheet to confirm your booking. No booking is confirmed without the signed sheet. We charge the package amount to your card 7 days prior to your arrival date and email you the receipt.

How and when do we pay?

Having paid your package amount 7 days prior to your arrival you pay for any extras, e.g. bar, shop, excursions, diving, etc. on departure from Sea Gypsy. We accept Visa or MasterCard and most currencies (please note, the resort rate will naturally be lower than the rate on the internet).

Do we need to bring any Malaysian Ringgit?

Yes, Pulau Sibu is in a Marine Park Conservation Area, our packages do NOT include government charges of RM55 per adult and RM30 per child for entering. Tickets are purchased at the jetty. Also there are some stalls at Tanjong Leman so you may like to bring money for a drink and there is a 30 cent charge to use the toilet. Note: if you bring Singapore $ cash it is quite normal for the tolls and tickets booths to charge SGD1:RM1, i.e. you get ripped off!

Does Pulau Sibu have the same weather as Singapore and Johor Bahru?

No, thank heavens! Hard to believe but although Pulau Sibu is so close it has much more sun and much less rain. Quite often it can be raining all the way up the East Coast on the mainland but it is still sunny on the island.

Do we need to bring beach towels?

No. We supply all linen & towels.

Is there anything we should bring?

Adults: no.

Children: your bucket and spade because you naughty things are always leaving ours below the high tide line so they get washed out to sea. You lose them faster than I can buy them! Although if you can't bring one I'm sure we'll find one for you.

Babies: no.

Can we plug in electrical equipment in our rooms?

Yes, low voltage stuff is OK but NO HAIRDRYERS! (Don't worry ladies we all go for the natural look at Sea Gypsy.) If you need hot water for baby bottles we prefer to give you a thermos of hot water. We can boil and clean bottles and teats for you. We will also boil and cool water for you to make formula. So no electric kettles please.

Do you have air conditioning?

Absolutely not. The whole idea of Sea Gypsy is to be by the sea, have the windows open and listen to the waves and the breeze in the palms. We have large overhead fans and 24 hour electricity.

Do you have hot water?

No. On the other hand it's never really that cold as we store it in black tanks that absorb the heat. Most of our guests just put on a swimsuit for breakfast and then head straight for the beach. By the time they're ready to shower for lunch a cool shower is welcome.
Note: We have our own well and the water is delicious to drink. If we installed solar panels for hot water so much would be wasted showering we probably wouldn’t have enough to drink from the taps. We prefer to be able to drink the water

Why don’t you have foot bowls or taps outside each chalet?

If you are an eco resort why don’t you have solar panels for hot water in the chalets?

We have a limited supply of well water. It is absolutely delicious to drink and we feel blessed we can offer water from the taps that is drinkable. Cold water showers are very quick affairs, hot water showers are long. Simple math, if we use the water to shower we wouldn’t have enough to drink. We prefer to drink it.

Do you have a laundry service?

Not if guests are only there for 2 or 3 nights. For guests staying longer we can do laundry. The charge is RM20 per bag, a bag being the size of an average pillow slip.

How often are the rooms serviced?

The chalets are serviced every day and the linen and bath towels are changed every 3rd day. We have towel rails in the bathrooms and on the verandahs and we ask guests to hang their bath & beach towels up to dry as we try to conserve water.

Will my baby monitor work?

Yes, but check the distance. We have baby alarms available FOC that do work, just ask for one on check in, so you can relax and enjoy a drink and dinner in peace.

Can I arriver earlier than the 2pm boat?

Our check in boat is at 2pm from Tanjong Leman. If you wish to request a 9am pick up there is a surcharge of RM150++ per boat (not passenger) for a non scheduled boat. However your room may not be available until 2pm.

Can I depart later than 1.30pm from Monday to Saturday?

You can request a 5.30pm boat for a surcharge of RM150++ (per boat, not per passenger). However you may have to vacate your room at the regular check out time of 11am. We will not be able to tell you whether or not you can keep the room up till departure until the day before.

Do hand phones work?

Not everywhere but there are "sweet spots" where signals can be found, communication via text messaging is best, or you can walk 15 mins across the island and get a perfect signal facing the mainland..

Do you have WIFI at Sea Gypsy?

No, we promote digital detox! We have satellite broadband to run the resort and guests are welcome to use the Internet on an office computer FOC for the first 15 mins to inform family of safe arrival, after which it’s RM15 for 15 minutes or any part thereof.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes. We have a fully stocked bar. Plenty of cold beer in the chiller, a comprehensive wine list and delicious cocktails that actually taste of alcohol because we make them all from scratch! Note: We charge corkage for anyone bringing their own alcohol.

Do you cater for babies & children?

We certainly do. We provide everything from cots to bed guards, baby baths (hot water can be delivered in a bucket from the kitchen) to booster stools to reach the sink, from training toilet seats to hooded baby towels. We also provide high chairs and booster seats in the restaurant, along with interesting colouring sheets & crayons. Our staff will make sure you have all you need, including a choice of 2 baby menus and 1 toddler menu for you to order freshly cooked baby food at what ever time of day you require. Children's tea is served daily at 6pm by our Dan's Nasty staff followed by Let Off Steam (playing outside for an hour) and supervised Kids Lounge till 10.30pm. Children's activities are written up on the "what's on board" daily. Oh, almost forgot, the Dive Base teach Bubble Makers from the age of 8 years plus Dan's Nasty Tadpoles teaches snorkeling, boogie boarding, kayaking, sailing, swimming and more that kids love. We have snorkeling equipment for hire starting at toddler size.

Is baby sitting available?

Baby minding is available from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. only. What's the difference between baby sitting and baby minding? The minder will simply come and get you if your children wake so that you can go back to the chalet and deal with it. Children must already be in bed asleep before the minder takes over. The minder goes off duty at 11 p.m. Parents wishing to use this service must bring cash and pay the minder direct, RM40 per hour. Baby alarms will work between your chalet and the dinning room & bar area.

Can you cater to vegetarians or people with special diets?

Absolutely! We always ask when people make a booking if they are vegetarian or allergic to any food. We have a vegetarian menu for guests to choose from. We stock plenty of fresh produce and make all our own recipes from scratch, we do not use pre prepared products. A gluten free diet is easy at Sea Gypsy we offer gluten free pasta and snacks, bake gluten free carrot cake for afternoon tea but we do not stock wheat free bread. If you wish to bring some with you we will happily store them in our kitchen for you. We also stock rice milk, soy milk & almond milk.

Do you cater to parties?

Absolutely. Just let us know what the occasion is. We offer a variety of cakes, can order flowers and even fireworks. We're always happy to decorate the bar and restaurant for theme parties or fancy dress is also fun. Our party booking sheet makes organizing so easy, you just tell us the dates and we send you a booking confirmation sheet with exact costs to forward to all your friends and cc us. We do all the rest and liaise with all your invitees, keeping you updated. It’s so easy!

Do we need to take Malaria tablets?

No. This is a non risk area for Malaria. All beds have dipped mosquito nets. Ten years of constantly cleaning the land means we only see mosquitoes at sun up and sun down despite being surrounded by jungle. Although I'd love to advocate herbal repellants for our environment I'm afraid chemical ones really work best. We recommend Off, or it's equivalent.


Oil is the answer to the Sandfly. Repellents, no matter what they may claim, seem to have no effect. Oil stops them completely. The Aussies call it bush remedy and we’ve come up with our own version with we sell in our shop. but you can make your own:

  • 250ml oil
  • 2.5ml liquid disinfectant
  • 10ml Tee Tree oil
  • Mix and pour into a plastic spray bottle

Do not substitute it for your regular sun lotion simply put it on over the top.

Don't forget the mainland jetties are quite often the place where you get attacked and not the actual beach that you are going to. If in doubt put the oil on your feet and ankles before you get there.

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