Sea Gypsy

Pet friendly on Pulau Sibu

Rules & Regs for Dogs wanting to visit Sea Gypsy Village

  • Dogs MUST be trained!
  • Dogs may only go to toilet at the edge of the jungle surrounding the Resort. They may not foul the beach or the garden. Any “accidents” must be picked up immediately by owners.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed into the Bar or Restaurant.
  • Dogs must be kept on a line on the verandahs at night, they are NOT allowed inside the chalets under any circumstances.
  • You must bring the dog’s food plus food & water bowls with you, the Resort is not able to provide you with anything for the dog.
  • Your dog must have all vaccinations up to date.

Do NOT bring your dog if:

  • It never stops barking.
  • It never stops whining.
  • It doesn’t like being on a line.
  • It chases strangers.
  • It bites people.
  • It doesn’t like children.
  • It doesn’t like boats.
  • It has tics.
  • It is NOT trained.
  • If you live in Singapore!! You will not be able to take the dog back into Singapore without it going into quarantine.

If you do decide to bring your dog and it does NOT meet any of our rules & regs you will be asked to leave immediately. Your quoted cancellation fee on your confirmation sheet will be charged. Whilst we love being able to accommodate dogs please make sure your pet meets our criteria (so take off the rose coloured glasses and have a good look at Mutley before deciding!).

At Tanjong Leman:

  • Your dog may NOT go near the main jetty complex. Dogs must be loaded at the cargo ramp, which is on the left just as you drive into the main car park area in front of the jetty. Stop and let your dog out there with one of your party to look after it.
  • The dog and handler should not go any closer to the main jetty buildings.
  • Our boatmen will assist the handler and the dog onto the boat just prior to the boat’s departure.
  • Remember (as I’ve been told before when I take my own dog up and down) Tanjong Leman is a Muslem run jetty!
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