Sea Gypsy

Tadpoles Kids Activity Club

This club is to encourage pre-teens to enjoy the challenges of water activities, whilst learning about safety and respect for the sea & weather conditions, learn about the ocean and most especially have FUN!


  • Weather and sea conditions evaluation
  • Safety at sea
  • Paddling technique
  • Beach entries and exits
  • Righting kayak, water mount and dismount
  • Paddle retrieval
  • Care and maintenance
  • Dan's Nasty manoeuvrability course


  • Weather and sea conditions evaluation
  • Equipment setup
  • Theory of principal of sailing and the mechanics
  • Practice session
  • Manoeuvrability course
  • Care and maintenance


  • Weather and sea conditions of site, tides and currents evaluation
  • Reef area and danger recognition of site (rocks, jetties boat traffic)
  • Snorkel techniques
    • Fins, mask and snorkel
    • Mask clearing
    • Snorkel clearing
    • Fin technique
    • Duck diving
  • Care and maintenance
  • Beach and boat entries and exits
  • Snorkelling the Sea Gypsy natural house reef


  • Beach and boat entries and exits
  • Weather, sea conditions, tides and currents evaluation
  • Swimming styles
    • Treading water
    • Floating
    • Breast stroke
    • Front crawl
  • Timed 25/50 metre race
  • Water frisbee chase

Boogie Boarding

  • Sea conditions, tides, currents and waves evaluation
  • Entries and exits
  • Catching a wave
  • Riding a wave
  • Swimming through the waves to get to the big ones!
  • Care and maintenance
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