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Jungle Trekking in Pulau Sibu

If you would like to participate in any of the following treks you must bring shoes, the trails are rough and in places tricky, flip flops or sandals are not appopriate footwear for these treks.

Mangrove Trek

Mangroves are some of the most fascinating plants indigenous to the tropics. With the ability to survive vast journeys across some of the roughest seas in the world, mangrove trees have populated huge amount of coastline across south East Asia. Take this opportunity to learn all about them, along with having a good trek into the bargain!

  • Walk from Sea Gypsy across the island to Coconut Village beach, before taking a left and diving (figuratively!) straight into the mangrove Swamp.
  • Fording across a river, climb up and do some scrambling over rock formations, heading around the coast while your guide tells you an interesting story or two.
  • Coming out onto a small village, head up onto the hill through the jungle and get a good glimpse of Tinggi and the mainland from the highest point.
  • Finally head back to Sea Gypsy and grab yourself a drink from the bar after your long walk!

Tinggi Trek

Introduced at the start of 2011 this excursion has quickly become everyone’s favourite and a must whilst staying at Sea Gypsy.

  • It is a 25 minute boat ride from Sea Gypsy to Tanjong Balang on Pulau Tinggi, where we get off the boat on to the jetty at the village.
  • Walking through the little village we enter the jungle to the left of the jetty and have a 20 minute walk through the jungle
  • The going is a little tough it is a steep hill through the jungle, before dropping down the other side so trainers, sneakers or sandals with an ankle strap are preferable rather than flip flops (thongs to the aussies).
  • A lovely waterfall a good 20 feet high awaits our trekkers, with a large fresh water plunge pool at the base.
  • It’s wonderful to cool off in the COLD water after a hot trek!

Island Trek

It's a 40 minute (50 with little people) walk from Sea Gypsy Village situated in the north east of Sibu Island to Kampong Duku in the South West.

  • Starting from Sea Gypsy we walk along the beach and around the rocks into the next bay, where you will see in contrast to Sea Gypsy, a large concrete constructed resort called Sari Pacifica. (Mind the rocks they are a little sharp so decent footwear is advised)
  • Traverse the Sari Pacifica property and you will arrive on the west side of the island. Passing a small collection of houses you will find the foot path to the Kampung.
  • In contrast to walking through the jungle it is a lovely shady way down through the island, passing Twin Beach under the coconut trees
  • The walk is reasonably easy and very pleasant.
  • The Kampong (village) is a traditional sleepy island village and well worth a visit as it remains untouched by commercialism.
  • There is a little shop where you can buy a drink if you take some Ringgitt with you.
  • Jumping off the Kampong jetty whilst waiting for the Sea Gypsy boat to take you back to the resort is a must!

Lookout Trek

Fancy something slightly more adventurous? This trek combines the ease and calm of a walk to Kampung (village) Duku with the adventure of a steep hill climb, crowned with the unparalleled views of a cliff top traverse. Truely the best ways to see the beauty of the island.

  • Take a boat from Sea Gypsy beach around the southeast side of the island, where you will get to see the pinnacle of your climb from sea level.
  • Walk across the tide belt and through the village to a secluded beach, where you will see the beginning of your climb. Proper walking shoes are essential!
  • Climb up through the jungle, aided by ropes, onto the cliff top to be met by a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Kampong Duku, Pulau Tengah, and the outer islands.
  • The fun doesn’t stop there! Traverse the cliff top carefully to the second view point, which gives you one of the best views of Pulau Tinggi from anywhere on the island.
  • Head back down passing through the village, visiting local shops to grab a treat after your hot walk, and maybe even jump off the jetty for a quick dip!
  • Jump onto our boat at the Kampung Jetty and head around the northwest point in order to have circumnavigated Pulau Sibu Besar.
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