Sea Gypsy

Flying Underwater With Subwing


  • The Subwing consists of two separate wings connected in the middle by a rotatable swivel.
  • Two Subwings are pulled slowly behind the boat at the same time
  • Hold the grip on each wing  tilt the wings in different angles to manouver
  • Tilt both wings downwards to dive, and upwards to resurface. To roll, tilt the wings in opposite directions.
  • Controlling the Subwing is easy to learn and comes naturally to many first- timers and great for all ages.
  • For more experienced Subwing users, a single hand grip is mounted between the wings at the rear. This grip is designed to be used when equalizing ear pressure and when one hand is needed.
  • A full briefing session is held by Dan's Nasty Staff before entering into the water.

Note: If you have a Go Pro - bring it - we have the attachments for the subwings to be able to take your own footage!

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