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Diving In Pulau Sibu

For certified divers 10% Discount on ALL your open water dives after your 5th dive is completed

Per trip, not accumulated over multiple trips

Note for Divers Coming from Singapore

  • What if I told you that you & your dive gear could be on a bus out of Orchard Road at 6 pm on a Friday night and you could already be enjoying an ice cold beer with a delicious hot dinner by 10 pm that same Friday on Pulau Sibu.
  • If I further told you that you would be able to stay in bed till 8 am, get up and have a delicious leisurely breakfast before heading to the dive base at 9 am and get in a 2 tank dive before getting back to Sibu for an excellent lunch.
  • That there would even be time for a nap before the afternoon dive and that if you did decide you wanted to do the night dive you'd still be back in time for a fantastic Saturday night BBQ.
  • That after another 2 tank dive on the Sunday there's nothing to beat traditional curry tiffin accompanied by some ice cold ones or a delicious bottle of wine, then chilling out in the lounge on the beach playing a lazy board game with friends before heading back to the mainland at 4.30pm
  • And finally that even accounting for traffic you'll still be back in Orchard Road by 7 pm latest and in time for dinner - would you believe me?
  • Seriously after all those HORRIBLE trips to other islands arriving late, getting up early, lousy food, lousy service, horrendous trip home and exhausted on Monday morning - do give Sea Gypsy a try, we'll make you a Sea Gypsy Member and then you'll earn one FREE night for every three you pay for.
  • Yes, no catch, no joke - completely FREE including breakfast, lunch & dinner. What are you thinking about?
  • What are you waiting for? Give us a try and be pleasantly surprised at how fun a weekend dive trip from Singapore can be!
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