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All About Diving In Pulau Sibu

The resort boasts a professionally run fully equipped dive base offering PADI courses, boat diving for qualified divers, Discover Scuba, snorkelling trips, excursions and trekking.

  • The diving around Pulau Sibu is as good as that around Pualu Tioman, in fact better because we don't get the crowds!
  • Wide ranging fields of soft corals that make a kaleidoscope of colours, countless types of hard corals and an astounding variety of marine life
  • The visibility can vary but averages out at around 10m.
  • Unfortunately there seems to be very little rhyme or reason nowadays as to when the visibility will be good or bad as our weather patterns have changed and we can't quite figure it all out!
  • The topography of the region is made from volcanic activity and is relatively shallow, up to 18m, due to the island's proximity to the mainland.
  • So lots of nice safe easy, fantastic diving within a stones throw of the mainland!
  • Inaccessibility to Tanjong Leman prevented this Marine Park from being overrun by divers.
  • One of the very best reasons for diving with us is to experience the joy of diving with a few friends and never seeing another dive boat. A rare treat nowadays!
  • At Dan's Nasty we operate boat dives every morning at 0930 & every afternoon at 1430. Sunset diving and night diving is on request.

Would be divers must be in good health and comfortable in the water. You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, consult your doctor about any pre-existing conditions. Please contact us if you require any further information

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