Pirate Christmas Party

1st December 2018

Pirate Christmas Party @ Sea Gypsy Village 1st December

Did you ever think Christmas was missing something? Possibly an eye patch, a Jolly Roger, even a cutlass? Well, we Sea Gypsies have solved that problem by bringing together the awesomeness of pirates with the magic of Christmas in one big party day that will see a pirate themed beach bar, Christmas themed afternoon tea (with champagne of course), and a massive end of year pirate Christmas party!

All the usual Sea Gypsy fun will be available: boat dives, DSDs, snorkelling, trekking, sub wing and not forgetting our slip & slide!


A one off supplement of RM120 per person will be charged for 1st December 2018 and includes all children’s activities, art & craft supplies, prizes, special menu plus Champagne Punch & 1 Christmas Cocktail per adult.
All excursions, diving, snorkelling & subwing mentioned will be billed as extras payable upon departure.
This timetable may be subject to change due to weather & sea conditions.

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