Teambuilding Base Camp

The Survivor Game:

Our Survivor Island Game is loosely based on the popular TV show and therefore not just about surviving but also about “Tribes” (but hopefully without all the back   stabbing!).

The Location: Stingray Island is uninhabited and relatively flat with two large beaches (depending on the time of year) and rocks. The rocky outcrops are useful for line fishing. The island can be circumnavigated on foot, with a good pair of trainers and some climbing, and is covered in coconut palms and dense shrubs, which the brave amongst you might like to explore! It is surrounded by shallow waters and coral reef. At low tide a rocky spit connects it to another smaller island. Driftwood, old fishing nets, rope, plastic buoys and other useful materials can be found washed up on shore for scavengers in search of both building and fire material. Survivor Island is a full day activity, groups wishing to take part in the survivor activity should plan on arriving at Sea Gypsy the preceding afternoon. We do not just dump tribes on to an island and tell them to “get on with it” After a short orientation period at the resort, tribes are given lessons on basic jungle survival techniques and it is a good time to incorporate some of the other activities on offer to ‘warm’ the tribes up

 The Basic Tasks

• Locate supplies - This is always in the form of a task such as orienteering, matching
  a location to a photo or some other game.
• Find a suitable location to set camp
• Build a shelter
• Make fire
 • Cook lunch

We have a whole host of other tasks that we incorporate into the day, but we are not going to give the game away too much! We can adjust the game with the extra tasks to suit all mix of age, gender and abilities of your group this will be discussed and finalised at the planning stage.

Survivor Island Objectives

• Teambuilding
• Communication Skills
• Identifying, understanding and utilising individual's strengths & weaknesses to the
  benefit of the whole team
• Problem Solving
• Basic Survival Skills

Once all the tasks have been completed & judged the camp is cleaned up and the survivors are taken back to Sea Gypsy for a well earned drink and a nice shower. Some people request that the Sea Gypsy Team be extremely serious and detailed with the debriefing given before dinner, also giving teams a chance to discuss their view of the day and what they gained from it. Some groups simply have a chat over a drink before heading for the party, The organiser is required to tell us at planning stage what they require. The whole day is then topped off with an excellent BBQ.

Survivor clues