This task certainly keeps teams on their toes as it is a combination of:
•  Compass reading
•  Following instructions
•  Problem solving
•  Cryptic clue solving
•  Anagram solving
•  General knowledge
•  Jungle trekking

This mix of activities really allows individual members of each group to do their part for the team. Where some may be strong on general knowledge questions they may be weak on the problem solving, where anagram solvers & cryptic clue buffs are often also good with compass work they may not be good at the jungle aspect.

Frustration at watching sportier types rush off in the wrong direction frequently promotes quieter, intellectual members of the groups to positively contribute. This establishes them not only in a positive but an essential role and they suddenly find themselves accepted as valuable member of the team, often for the first time in their lives. Consequently we advise playing this game early on in the trip.

There is no time limit for the teams to complete the course but healthy competition drives them forward to be the first to finish.