Sea Gypsy beach front
Team building activities have been around for a long time but what exactly is the definition of “team building”?

The Sea Gypsy definition is this: To create harmony, co-operation & respect within the work place when interacting on a daily basis, whether face to face or via electronic communication. We do this by providing a stress free environment with none of the normal distractions. No phones, virtually no hand phone coverage, no computers and no TV makes conversation king. Our environment lends itself to fun and lots of games.

Let us stress, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on games, events or our Survivor Game. Simply being together, surrounded by the truly wondrous nature we are privileged to care take, chatting as a group, finding out about each other by utilising some old fashioned games and role playing is often all it takes. We are happy to advise you on this and offer a variety of games that you can organise yourselves. So even with the economy as it is your company can still afford to take advantage of some brilliant teambuilding at virtually no extra cost other than the normal accommodation.

However we do offer a variety of fun team building programmes which we have developed over many years of hosting events for a truly eclectic mix of companies and groups. The largest was 90 people of mixed ages and gender from management to drivers to work shop, the smallest simply 9 colleagues having some fun & relaxing whilst playing our Survivor Game after a tough international corporate meeting in Singapore.

You can browse the various activities by clicking the links. Once you have an idea of what activities you and your group would like to include (or not) contact us for an itinerary and personalised quotation.

Team on the beach