Not a coconut tower!

This is NOT a coconut tower!
The principal behind the Coconut tower is a simple one, teams have 20 minutes to building the highest tower they can out of coconuts and any natural material they can find (refraining from cutting any of our lovely jungle down) To stop any arguments the definition of a coconut tower is coconut upon coconut you can’t just plonk a coconut on top of a stick and claim victory!

As a warm up activity this is excellent to show the teams the trip is going to require
•  Problem Solving
•  Planning
•  Co-operation
•  Man-management skills
•  Communication skills
•  Working to a deadline

At the end of the activity teams are briefed on their performance and have the opportunity to voice their feelings on how the team performed.

Think this is too easy?
We will nominate a “blind builder” for each team, who will have to be instructed by the team on how to put the coconut tower together......