Parachute Game At Sea Gypsy Village
Sea Gypsy Village is a safe, comfortable environment for the pupils to learn, have fun, team build and make friends. We can cater for children of all ages, designing programmes for any age group. Our youngest students were age 7 and from the Johor International School, only visiting for 1 night (along with some of the older students) for experience in “having a sleepover away from home”. The theme was lots of games in the garden, finger painting, singing and building sand sculptures. Paddling and a little swimming with a ratio of 2 adults to 1 child. Our oldest students were 17 & 18 on a leadership course which included abseiling, raft building to race and (after some suitable training) a day on survivor island which included orienteering and rock climbing.

When contacting us for information it is vital we know the exact purpose of the trip, e.g. beginning of the academic year team building & bonding, field trip for study modules, leadership camp or quite simply a school holiday for fun. After 14 years of experience of working with different nationalities, syllabuses, ages, etc. constricted (or not) by various country, school, insurers or parent parameters we have become experts in putting together timetables of activities tailor made to your needs. The pupils, teachers and helpers enjoy a wide range of trips, activities and studies developed and supervised by the Sea Gypsy staff. Note: although on an island our trips are rarely purely water based activities. In fact some teachers prefer to leave them out if they feel their class are not strong swimmers.

Outdoor Activities: ·Football ·Rugby and Touch Football ·Volleyball ·Cricket ·Rounders ·Frisbee Golf ·Kite Flying ·Swing Ball ·Tug of War ·Parachute Game ·

Beach Activities: · Swimming · Boogie Boarding · Snorkeling · Sailing · Paddle Skiing · Raft Building · Obstacle Races · Sand Sculpting · Body Surfing · Campfire & Show · Rock Pools

Survivor Fun: · Team Chants & Totem Poles · Palm Trees & their many uses · Shelter Building · Making Fire · Gutting Fish · Making Bamboo Rice · Jungle Survival Techniqies

Indoor Activities: · Underwater Slide Show/Lecture · Board Games · Kite Making ·  Arts and Crafts · Knot Tying · Learning Fire Poi · Journal Writing

Island Activities: ·Mangroves · Jungle Treks · Orienteering ·Scavenger Hunts · Fishing Lessons · Sea Gypsy Quiz

Cultural Activities: Kampung Visit · Community Service · Beach clean-up
Bamboo Rice At Sea Gypsy Village