Making fire training Survivors
The Survivor Game Our Survivor Island Game is loosely based on the popular TV show and therefore not just about surviving but also about “Tribes” (but hopefully without all the back stabbing!). From the minute the school arrives the games and tasks promote teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving and survival skills. From making bandanas to creating team chants, from gutting fish to making shelters, from orienteering to camp fire shows the tribes bond and compete. The students are constantly surprised by what they are capable of and go home exhausted and elated.

The Location Stingray Island is uninhabited and relatively flat with two large beaches (depending on the time of year) and rocks. The rocky outcrops are useful for line fishing. The island can be circumnavigated by foot, with a good pair of trainers and some climbing, and is covered in coconut palms and dense shrubs, which the brave amongst you might like to explore! It is surrounded by shallow waters and coral reef. At low tide a rocky spit connects it to another smaller island. Driftwood, old fishing nets, rope, plastic buoys and other useful materials can be found washed up on shore for scavengers in search of both building and fire material.

The Program The Program can be tailor made to suit the age of the student but is not recommended for children under the age of 9 years. (We can still incorporate survivor type games into the programme for younger children.) Any study projects required by the curriculum can also be incorporated.

The Basic Tasks
· Locate supplies
· This is always in the form of a task such as orienteering, matching a location to
  a photo or some other game.
· Find a suitable location to set camp
· Build a shelter
· Make fire
· Cook lunch

We have a whole host of other tasks, games and contests that can be added to make sure your students get the maximum out of the activity. Don’t forget this game was originally designed by us (wearing our sadistic hats) for corporate teambuilding so it can be as difficult as you like for the more mature and competitive students.

Don’t Worry (or Preparing for the Survivor Game) We don't dump the kids on an island with no clue about how to carry out these tasks. The survivor programme is only fun if the students have had some basic training in survival skills prior to the game. As an afternoon activity the previous day we have lessons where skills are demonstrated and they are actively encouraged to join in and have a go. This is done by our two resident Mr. Survivors who can make anything out of nothing and prepare a gourmet feast out of thin air

Snorkelling In order to keep the cost of the trip down some schools prefer to make the survivor programme a little shorter and stop for a snorkelling trip on the way home. We stop on a lovely tiny uninhabited island called Min Tinggi, a favourite with our regulars.

Educational objectives
· Team work
· Listening to and interpreting broad instructions
· Planning
· Problem solving
· Realising the benefit of stopping to think and analyse before making decisions
· Realising the benefit of a quick mind as well as a fit body
· Realising the importance of a fit body as well as a good mind
· Discovering, appreciating and utilizing unknown strengths (or weaknesses) in team
· Finding value in waste material
· Appreciating traditional skills
· Survival

Arriving on Stingray Island