Sea Gypsy Village is set in a 5 acre clearing of jungle with plenty of shady garden, situated on the north east corner of Pulau Sibu. The 350m long golden sand beach slopes gently into the sea, offering ideal bathing. The Resort is owned and operated by Mrs. Linda Wills, a British expatriate. The original Resort was completely rebuilt and reopened in February 1993. Since then Sea Gypsy Village has gone from strength to strength under Linda’s management. The Malay staff, the backbone of the resort, have worked with Linda for years giving Sea Gypsy Village a wonderfully familial feeling. The resort's reputation for being extremely child friendly is due to the fact that Linda’s own children, now 19 and 20 years old, were both brought to the island at the age of six weeks and have been virtually brought up there.

Dan’s Nasty Frogmen is the dive store owned by the Wills Family since 1988 and originally founded in the Maldive Islands. It was always Scuba School International (SSI) federation however we are now a PADI store as well. It is run by a fully qualified dive staff. There is good snorkeling to be found offshore Sibu, notably the north east corner of the island, Tg Semanggar, where there is a good variety of coral and fish (as luck would have it, the Sea Gypsy Natural House Reef). There are numerous diving and snorkeling sites within a 20 minute boat ride from Pulau Sibu. There is an amazing variety of both soft and hard corals in the area and a prolific and varied sea life offering truly world class diving when the conditions are right.