Beach from atop the cliff
The word for island in Bahasa Malay is Pulau and big is besar so in actual fact Pulau Sibu Besar means Big Sibu Island. Pulau Sibu, as it is simply known, forms part of the Seribuat chain of islands and lies 12 kilometres off the east coast of the West Peninsular of Malaysia. This area was designated a Marine Park in 1993. The island is shaped like a triangular hour glass, about 6 kilometres long and never more than one kilometre wide it's whole length.Sea Gypsy Village sits on the north east corner of the island.

The south east coast of Sibu rears up as a series of steep, abrupt cliffs with a rocky shoreline at their base and provides shelter to the village behind. The rocks here, and where exposed at other points on the island, are colourful and contorted. These wonderful lacework patterns and reliefs are the product of layers of volcanic ash from which they are composed being run through with later lavas. Low down on headlands near the sea, rock pools are frequent and contain miniature worlds populated by colourful fish, crabs and corals. By Tg Keramat the cliffs contain caves and arches.

The season starts in February and goes through to the end of November, which is our favourite month as the colours are superb when the wind is starting to change. The resort is closed for December and January. The weather remains fairly constant throughout the year, with an average temperature around 29 degrees centigrade. The air gets cooler in the evenings and the nights are pleasant, you may need your jammies! (That's pyjamas to grown ups :)

Tanjong Leman is the boat pick up point for Pulau Sibu and is approximately 2 hours north of Johor Bahru on the Mersing road. Schools from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore usually prefer to arrange their own road transport but if you would like us to arrange it for you then please contact us for information and a quote.

If you are coming by plane you can either fly to Senai Airport, Johor Bahru, Malaysia or Changi Airport, Singapore. We can arrange transport from either of these airports.
Sibu Rocks