Mosquito Nets In Kids Room
Food is always an important part of any trip. We serve a set menu but make sure we are aware of any guest's special dietary requirements, e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergies, etc.

We create menus depending on the nationality and age of the children, taking into consideration the wishes of the school, whilst ensuring a healthy balanced diet. Menus are agreed upon between the resort and the organising teachers prior to the trip.

Food is served from a buffet from covered chaffing dishes. All components of the meal are served separately so that it is easy for children that don’t like any part of it may leave that out. Having said that the food is dished out by servers and children are strenuously encouraged to take sensible portions and eat healthily, including their veggies! Our kitchen is Halal and there is a vegetarian option at each meal time which any children may choose. All our food is cooked from scratch, we do not use pre-prepared sauces, therefore there are no hidden chemicals or ingredients. Those on a gluten free diet may like to bring wheat free pasta or biscuits, however we always have plenty of rice or potato and fresh fruit and coconut for snacks.

Drinks are available all day. Large drink coolers containing water, Ribena or orange squash are kept constantly topped up and available. The students are encouraged to drink large quantities of water to prevent dehydration. The water comes from the Resort’s own well and is delicious to drink straight from the tap.

Tuck Shop. Ice cream, ice lollies, crisps, mini chocolate bars, cookies and a variety of soft drinks are available from our shop. However it is up to the school to decide whether or not the students are allowed to bring any money to spend and if so what time of day and how much they are allowed to spend. 

Health and safety is another important aspect and one that is uppermost in the minds of parents when agreeing upon children’s trips. Sea Gypsy Village is set in a jungle beach environment and is a complete outdoor experience. Consequently there is going to be a lot of sun, bugs and marine life, which is unavoidable. However:

1. We request that all students bring UV protection swimwear (rash vest or solar suit) to wear when swimming or snorkeling.

2. We request that all students bring a hat (not a sun visor) and ensure that hats are worn at all times.

3. We request that all students have 2 pairs of footwear with them. Firstly a sensible pair of sandals that have an ankle strap (not flip flops, thongs, or any sort of slip on shoe, including Crocs). Secondly an (old) pair of trainers, they may get wet.

4. Students receive the appropriate instruction for all activities land or water based and are closely supervised at all times

5. Life jackets are worn on all boat journeys and water based activities (except swimming unless requested) We have life jackets in 6 different sizes and ensure that the correct size is fitted to each child

6. The resort has a regular fogging and spraying program

7. After breakfast, lunch and snacks all students are coated in high factor water resistant suncream to prevent sunburn and oil to protect from sandflies. Both products are from Fruit of the Earth, students may also request insect repellent. All students are coated with insect repellent after afternoon snack as the mosquitos come out at sundown the repellent that we use is Off by Johnson's. Although many people prefer natural products nowadays, in our experience they simply do not work.

8. Mosquito coils are provided for the rooms on request.

9. Every bed has a mosquito net that has been treated with insecticide (ITN). Although we are not in a malaria risk area we feel it is a great idea as studies have shown the following:
·Deterrency - fewer mosquitoes enter the room.
·Feeding Inhibition - of the mosquitoes that enter the room, fewer feed.
·Mortality - a proportion of female mosquitoes are killed by the insecticide, either before or after feeding.
·Repellancy - mosquitoes that would have stayed in the room to rest are stimulated to leave.
·Excito-repellancy - their effects on insect behaviour include driving them from their hiding places.

See here for more information on net dipping.

First Aid and Evacuation - We keep a very comprehensive first aid kit, including an oxygen kit and stretcher at the resort and carry first aid kits on the boats. Our Diving Base staff are always qualified in first aid and CPR, plus our General Manger is qualified to teach first aid and CPR. Should evacuation be required in most cases we would simply put the student, accompanied by the appropriate adult for the situation, on our fast boat to Tanjong Leman and then drive straight to Singapore. The student can be in hospital in Singapore within 3 hours. Our hospital of choice is the National University Hospital but each school may specify which hospital they would like us to use in case of emergency. It is therefore important that all students bring their passports to the resort with them. In severe cases, e.g. spinal injuries, we would contact AEA International SOS for a helicopter evacuation. There is ample landing space at the back of the resort. We have already landed helicopters at Sea Gypsy on several occasions, purely for social reasons!.

(Note – From ’84 to ’88 Linda Wills established and ran a flying ambulance service in the Maldive Islands, which also dealt with international repatriation. From ’90 to ’92 the Wills’ commercial diving company in the Maldive Islands operated the only working decompression chamber under contract to Club Med.)

Insurance - for repatriation is required to be taken out for all students not residing in Malaysia or Singapore. Winter Snow Sdn. Bhd. the company that operates Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base has public liability insurance for all guests.

Rates — each booking is unique. The rate depends on length of stay, the age of the children, the size of the group, what activities you would like to include and whether road transport is required.